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Probabilistic methods in dynamics

29 May 2023 - 1 June 2023

Invited Speakers

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Peter Ashwin

University of Exeter
Talk: Attractors and physical measures for non-autonomous systems with autonomous limits

Wael Bahsoun

Loughborough University
Talk: Statistical properties of mean-field coupled Anosov maps

Peter Balint

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Talk: On the dynamics of averaged quantities in a crack evolution model of polygonal tesselations

Michael Dellnitz

Padeborn University
Talk: New Hidden Symmetries in Equivariant Dynamical Systems

Mark Demers

Department of Mathematics, Fairfield University
Talk: Projective Cones for Dispersing Billiards

Jorge Milhazes Freitas

Centro de Matem√°tica da Universidade do Porto
Talk: Registering clustering profiles of rare events for chaotic systems

Stefano Galatolo

Università di Pisa
Talk: Rare events and hitting time distribution for discrete time samplings of stochastic differential equations

Marty Golubitsky

The Ohio State University
Talk: Network Dynamics and Homeostasis

Georg Gottwald

University of Sydney
Talk: L\'evy flights as an emergent phenomenon in a spatially extended system

Gemunu Gunaratne

University of Houston
Talk: Network Modulation & Control

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