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Some topics of Geometric Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory

16 April 2019 - 17 April 2019


Date Time Speaker Room
Tue 16 Apr 8:00- 8:35 Registration Aula Dini
8:35- 8:40 Opening session Aula Dini
8:40- 9:30 Ambrosio, Luigi
"Sets of finite perimeter and semigroups in metric measure spaces"
Aula Dini
9:30- 10:20 Le Donne, Enrico
"Metric spaces with unique tangents and rectifiability "
Aula Dini
10:20- 11:00 Coffee break Aula Dini
11:00- 11:50 Serra Cassano, Francesco
"The Bernstein problem for area-minimizing intrinsic graphs in the sub-Riemannian Heisenberg group"
Aula Dini
11:50- 12:20 Stefani, Giorgio
"Heat and entropy flows in Carnot groups"
Aula Dini
14:30- 15:20 Bramanti, Marco
"Space regularity for evolution operators of Hörmander type with coefficients measurable in time"
Aula Dini
15:20- 15:50 Some extensions of the Frobenius Theorem, Part I Aula Dini
15:50- 16:30 Coffee break Aula Dini
16:30- 17:00 Massaccesi, Annalisa
"Some extensions of the Frobenius theorem Part II"
Aula Dini
Wed 17 Apr 8:40- 9:30 Garofalo, Nicola
"Sobolev and isoperimetric inequalities for a class of non symmetric and non-doubling semigroups"
Aula Dini
9:30- 10:20 Malchiodi, Andrea
"On the Sobolev quotient in sub-Riemannian geometry"
Aula Dini
10:20- 11:00 Coffee break Aula Dini
11:00- 11:50 Monti, Roberto
"Some new results on stable hypersurfaces in the complex projective space and complex hyperbolic space"
Aula Dini
11:50- 12:20 Comi, Giovanni Eugenio
"A distributional approach to fractional Sobolev spaces and fractional variation: existence of blow-up"
Aula Dini
14:30- 15:20 Vittone, Davide
"Rademacher theorem for Lipschitz graphs in Heisenberg groups"
Aula Dini
15:20- 16:10 Ferrari, Fausto
"The extension method to fractional operators in Carnot groups and applications"
Aula Dini
16:10- 16:50 Coffee break Aula Dini
16:50- 17:40 Nicolussi Golo, Sebastiano
"Metric Lie groups and their dilations"
Aula Dini