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Some topics of Geometric Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory

16 April 2019 - 17 April 2019


In the last decades, several scientific works proved the strong interaction between techniques of Geometric Analysis and of Geometric Measure Theory. This fact also appears in the more recent area of Geometric Analysis, called "sub-Riemannian Geometry’’. Further developments have spread out into the more abstract Analysis in Metric Spaces.
Aims of the workshop is to gather together some of the Italian experts in these fields, to reinforce interactions and collaborations among different research groups.

The workshop is partially supported by the STARS Project "Sub-Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Measure Theory’’ of the University of Padova, by the "Fondi di Ateneo Magnani 2017" of the University of Pisa, and by the Progetto PRA 2018/49 "Analisi Geometrica ed Equazioni alle Derivate Parziali in ambiti singolari e non Euclidei" of the University of Pisa.

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