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The Mathematics of Machine Learning

Co-founded by PRIN: Gradient flows, Optimal Transport and Metric Measure Structures, AFORS, CRCNSERC: Artificial Intelligence at the Interface of Chemistry and Mathematics

23 January 2023 - 27 January 2023


The workshop and the associated introductory school are organized following previous activities within the framework of the Dipartimenti di Eccellenza “Classe di Scienze”. The spirit of these activities are related to that of the school: Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Machine Learning organized at Centro De Giorgi in October 2019.

The plan of both the school and the workshop is to bring together Machine Learning researchers working on theoretical questions at the interface between mathematics and computer science.

The Workshop's mini-courses will cover recent research advances in the mathematical foundations of Machine Learning.

The lectures will target a broad audience of early stage mathematicians (Post-doc, Ph.D and advanced Master level).”

The boot-camp week will focus on the following topics:
- Statistical Learning Theory and Regularization (L. Rosasco)
- Optimization for Machine Learning (S. Villa)
- Optimal Transport and Machine Learning (S. Di Marino, A. Gerolin)
The workshop will instead focus on more recent research topics and it will be articulated in four different mini-courses taught by A. Montanari (TBC), S. Chewi, G. Carleo, F. Vicentini and A. Rudi.

ATTENTION: The Workshop will be held only in person.

VIDEO: a playlist of the talks is available on Youtube.

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