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Geometry and analysis of groups and manifolds

26 June 2023 - 30 June 2023


Geometric analysis and geometric group theory are two fields which have seen rapid progress in recent years, with the development of powerful tools that have solved major open questions and opened up exciting new avenues of inquiry.

On the side of geometric analysis, Perelman's development of Hamilton's Ricci Flow to prove the Geometrization Conjecture is a famous example, leading to many further advances in using geometric flow methods to solve open questions in differential geometry, for example Bamler-Kleiner's solution to the Generalized Smale Conjecture for three-manifolds. Analytic tools are also of importance in geometric group theory, with one recent example Cheeger-Kleiner's use of delicate geometric measure theory to show the non-embedability of the Heisenberg group in L1, with applications to the Sparsest Cut problem in theoretic computer science.

Both these fields are very active but there have been relatively few opportunities to explore the interaction between them. The goal of this conference is to bring together world-leading experts from these two different research communities in order to enable exchange of ideas and explore potential new applications.

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VIDEO: a playlist of the talks is available on Youtube.

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