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Multiscale modeling and simulations to bridge molecular and cellular scales

1 October 2018 - 5 October 2018

This event is part of an intensive research period:
Advanced asymptotics of PDEs, modeling and extreme statistics and their applications to data analysis in cell biology.


Predicting cellular behavior from molecular level remains a key issue in systems and computational biology due to the large complexity encountered in biological systems: large number of molecular players; multiple spatial scales that vary from nanometer up to micro- or millimeter; multiple time scales that vary from micro- up to milliseconds or seconds; complex biochemical signaling pathways with feedback loops; multi-ion interactions; complex geometry and spatial organization; biological heterogeneity together with intrinsic and extrinsic stochasticity.

To integrate this complexity, realistic models of molecular and cellular systems require a combination between sophisticated analytic and numerical analysis and computer simulations.

This workshop will bring together physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists to discuss new approaches in systems biology with focus on:

1. Modeling sensory transduction and molecular signal transduction pathways (phototransduction and olfaction),
2. Cardiac models and simulations,
3. Modeling electrodiffusion using Poisson-Nernst-Planck non-linear equations, multi-ion dynamics at synapses and in signal transduction,
4. Solvers for ODEs and PDEs,
5. Parameter estimations and identifiability,
6. Modeling and analysis of noise in chemical reactions.

Research Directions

Representatives of Comsol and Matlab will present their softwares.

The meeting will include one hour of teaching class per day to introduce the topic to students.