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Dispersive and subelliptic PDEs

$\Gamma$-convergence for integral functionals depending on vector fields

speaker: Andrea Pinamonti (University of Bologna)

abstract: Given a family of locally Lipschitz vector fields $X(x)=(X1(x),\dots,Xm(x))$ on $\mathbb{R}n$, $m\leq n$, we study functionals depending on $X$. We prove an integral representation for local functionals with respect to $X$ and a result of $\Gamma$-compactness for a class of integral functionals depending on $X$. The results are then applied to study the $\bbH$-convergence of linear differential operators in divergence form modeled on $X$. The talk is based on joint works with Alberto Maione and Francesco Serra Cassano.

Wed 12 Feb, 14:00 - 14:50, Aula Dini


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