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“LEANING TORI” An Hamiltonian Event under the Tower

On reducibility of quantum harmonic oscillator on $\mathbb{R}d$"

speaker: Eric Paturel (Université de Nantes)

abstract: We prove that a linear d-dimensional Schrödinger equation on Rd with harmonic potential |x|2 and small t-quasiperiodic potential

i∂tu−∆u+|x|2u+εV(tω,x)u=0, x∈Rd

reduces to an autonomous system for most values of the frequency vector ω ∈ Rn. As a consequence any solution of such a linear PDE is almost periodic in time and remains bounded in all Sobolev norms.

Tue 21 May, 14:30 - 15:20, Aula Dini
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