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“LEANING TORI” An Hamiltonian Event under the Tower

On the divergence of Birkhoff Normal Forms

speaker: Raphael Krikorian (Université Cergy-Pontoise)

abstract: A real analytic hamiltonian or a real analytic exact symplectic diffeomorphism admitting a non resonant elliptic fixed point is always formally conjugated to a formal integrable system, its Birkhoff Normal Form (BNF). Siegel proved in 1954 that the formal conjugation reducing a hamiltonian to its BNF is in general divergent and Hakan Eliasson has asked whether the BNF itself could be divergent. Perez-Marco proved in 2001 that for any fixed non resonant frequency vector the following dichotomy holds: either any real analytic hamiltonian system admitting this frequency vector at the origin has a convergent BNF or for a prevalent set of hamiltonians admitting this frequency vector the BNF generically diverges. It is possible to exhibit examples of hamiltonian systems with diverging BNF (X. Gong 2012 or the recent examples of B. Fayad in 4 degrees of freedom). The aim of this talk is to give a complete answer to the question of the divergence of the BNF (in the setting of exact symplectic diffeomorphisms): for any non resonant frequency vector, the BNF of a real analytic exact symplectic diffeomorphism admitting this frequency vector at the origin, is in general divergent. This theorem is the consequence of the remarkable fact that the convergence of the formal object that is the BNF has dynamical consequences, in particular an abnormal abundance of invariant tori.

Fri 24 May, 10:00 - 10:50, Aula Dini
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