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“LEANING TORI” An Hamiltonian Event under the Tower

Quasi periodic coorbital motions (joint work with Philippe Robutel and Alexandre Pousse)

speaker: Laurent Niedermann (Université Paris 11 & IMCCE, Observatoire de Paris )

abstract: The motions of the satellites Janus and Epimetheus around Saturn are among the most intriguing in the solar system since they exchange their orbits every four years. In 1, we give a rigorous proof of the existence of quasi-periodic orbits of this kind in the three body plane planetary problem thanks to KAM theory. We will discuss extensions of these results to get lagrangian tori in the same problem.

Ref: On the co-orbital motion in the three-body problem: existence of quasi-periodic horseshoe-shaped orbits, arXiv 1806.07262

Tue 21 May, 9:00 - 9:50, Aula Dini
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