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Reverse mathematical methods for reconstructing molecular dynamics in single cell

Modeling and analyzing the flow of molecular machines in gene expression

speaker: Tamir Tuller (Tel Aviv University (TAU))

abstract: Gene expression is a fundamental cellular process by which proteins are synthesized based on the information encoded in the genetic material. During this process macromolecules such as ribosomes or RNA polymerases scan the genetic material in a sequential manner.

I will describe various computationalmathematical models for the flow of such macromolecules. These models are can be simulated efficiently and some of them amenable to rigorous mathematical analysis.

I demonstrate how these models can be used to predict various aspects related to the expression levels of genes and to study important biological phenomena such as competition for finite resources, the evolution of genomes, and intracellular traffic jams. These models can also can be used for optimization of gene expression for various biotechnological objectives.

Thu 18 Oct, 10:45 - 11:30, Aula Dini
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