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From order to chaos - Pisa 2018

Interval exchange transformation with flips: what do they hide?

speaker: Alexandra Skripchenko (National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia)

abstract: Interval exchange transformation with flips is a very natural generalization of orientation preserving interval exchange transformation: we consider a piecewise isometry of an interval to itself with a finite number of jump discontinuities, reversing the orientation of at least one of the intervals of continuity. However, flips change dramatically the dynamics: due to Arnaldo Nogueira we know that generic interval exchange transformation with flips has finite orbits. I will discuss the set of minimal interval exchange transformations with flips (its Hausdorff dimension, combinatorial properties and open questions related to it). The talk is mainly based on recent joint work with Serge Troubetzkoy

Thu 12 Apr, 9:10 - 10:00, Aula Dini
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