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Entanglement and Linking

Asymptotic Invariants of Links and Applications in MHD

speaker: Petr Akhmet'ev (Izmiran, Russia)

abstract: We shall investigate the following problem by V.I.Arnol'd (1984-12)

"To transform an asymptotic ergodic definition of the Hopf invariant for a divergence-free vector field to a theory by S.P.Novikov to generalize the Whitehead product in homotopy group of spheres“.

Asymptotic invariants of classical links is defined. The main example of an asymptotic invariant is the asymptotic Hopf invariant, this invariant was discovered by V.I.Arnol'd (1974). Examples of asymptotic invariants (of higher order) are presented. Applications of asymptotic invariants in MHD are discussed.

Wed 18 May, 9:30 - 10:15, Aula Dini
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