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Numerical Knots: Models and Simulations

Computational Knot Theory with KnotPlot

speaker: Rob Scharein (Hypnagogic Software, San Francisco State University)

abstract: When experimenting with knots on a computer, it is useful to have powerful tools for the creation of initial conformations, for performing simulations on those conformations and also to compute topological and geometric properties of any resulting products. KnotPlot is one such tool that has been invaluable in the speaker's own research into minimal stick conformations of knots in R3 and on the lattice. After a brief review of these projects and several others involving the simplification of very complex knots, we will explore features within KnotPlot, some new and some old, that allow a wide range of interesting experiments to be performed.

Wed 8 Jun, 17:00 - 18:00, Aula Dini
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