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Asymptotics in Dynamics, Geometry and PDEs; Generalized Borel Summation

Torus actions in the normalization problem

speaker: Jasmin Raissy (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse - Université Paul Sabatier)

abstract: Let $f$ be a germ of biholomorphism of $(\Cn, O)$, fixing the origin. We show that if the germ commutes with a torus action, then we get information on the germs that can be conjugated to $f$, and furthermore on the existence of a holomorphic linearization or of a holomorphic normalization of $f$. We find out in a complete and computable manner what kind of structure a torus action must have in order to get a Poincaré-Dulac holomorphic normalization, studying the possible torsion phenomena.

Fri 16 Oct, 14:30 - 15:30, Aula Dini
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